Saints Rifle

Saints Rifle is an inclusive club offering training for beginners and advanced shooters as well as competing in National competitions for those looking to develop competition skills.

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Saints Rifle

The University of St Andrews Rifle Club shoots both smallbore (.22″) and fullbore (7.62mm) Target Rifle at a local facility in St Andrews.

The club participates in regional, national and international university league competitions, which gives our club the unique opportunity to travel throughout the UK. In the past, club members have participated in world-class competitions such as the Junior Commonwealth Games, World University Shooting Championships and the World University Games.

Club sessions

Day Time Location
Wednesday 14:00-17:00 Various
Thursday 19:00-21:00 Various
Sunday 14:00-17:00
*Thursday is team training

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All matriculated students at the University can join the Rifle Club.

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If you are a graduate from St Andrews and a former member of the Rifle Club we would love to hear from you, and would encourage you to join our ever expanding network of alumni. If you would like to be kept up to date with news, activities and events from Saints Rifle, please ensure we hold the correct information and contact details for you by completing our short online form.

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By supporting Saints Rifle you will be helping the club provide extra equipment, playing kit, clothing, additional training and transport provision, match officials or extra coaching, that will add greater value, more opportunities and a better experience for our students.